There is no essential difference

between Ultimate Reality and Conventional Existence;

between Emptiness and Appearance;

between Being and Becoming;

between Universal and Particular;

between Feminine and Masculine.

While they can be thought independently,

in actuality they arise interdependently,

with their cooperative interplay creating

this fantastical flux that we call life.

It is through their union,

and not in their opposition,

that existence scales

the heights of intensity,

of satisfaction,

of achievement.

These two powers

exponentially ascend to infinity—

a progressive growth nurtured

by the love shared between them.

For Love is the engine,

the Force which provides

the emotive energy for play.

The Ultimate, the feminine,

is the vessel made of nothing,

holding everything,

a reservoir of infinite potential.

The Conventional, the masculine,

is the performative algorithm

mediating potential and actual,

a process of perpetual becoming.

Who are we

but the children

of these divine powers?

By harmonizing this duality

within the singularity of ourselves

in their highest expressions,

we gain the capacity or power

to enact boundless creativity,

to have unconditional compassion,

to produce immeasurable wealth,

to raise bare life

to life divine.

Though there is suffering in the world,

to be alive at all is a true blessing.

To quest is to find this inner harmony,

such that we can be of service to all that is,

and ensure that love overwhelms lack,

so that the suffering of all sentient beings

is one day finally eliminated.

I dedicate this prose to my dear

Mother and Father,



lovers past

lovers future,

to all those strangers

who make my life possible.

I promise that I will not rest

until the final achievement

of the resolution of all contradiction

comes to fruition.

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