[Femme Theory] The Artificial is as “Real” as the Natural

Rather than considering my "natural" face, when lacking all cosmetic additions, as my "real" face, and my "artificial" face formed by cosmetic procedures as something "superfluous" or even "fake," I prefer to think of what is usually considered my "natural" face to be but one face among many, albeit one that also has the additional [...]

From Monologue-about to Dialogue-with Reality

The desecration or desacralization of the "enchanted real" that constituted premodern and indigenous world-views by the coruscating potency of modern reason results in a "disenchanted real" where previously held assumptions about the relationship between the cosmos and meaning is thoroughly undermined; the previously enchanted real, where universe and meaning where intertwined in a unity within [...]

extracts from an “exchange” with a “Quantum Buddhist” aka Western Buddhist Idealist

Me:I have a question sir. Is there a particular tradition that your practice is embedded in? Currently I follow the Vajrayana based Shambhala Path, though my personal theoretical orientation is closer to the Prasangika-Madhyamaka of the Mahayana. Graham Smetham :I have...noted something you mentioned about the ground of being and Capitalism which I think is [...]

On Becoming Real in the Face of Flux

To be real is to be independent, self-grounding, self-sustaining and self-motivated. Yet careful attention to the manifold totality of sense-experience reveals any given thing to be marked by impermanence, incompleteness and indeterminacy. Nothing in experience, whether classed as a cognitive, mental or physical factor, escapes definition by these three marks or traits. Things exist, in [...]