Beautiful Life

Even in stoic perseverance
do mountains erode and cascade
into the temporal flux of change…

Only in this beautiful life
is the ceasing forever ceaseless,
is the resting forever restless,
by which Being is forever Becoming.

Only in this beautiful life
does the ceaseless come to cease,
does the restless come to rest,
from which Becoming comes to Be.

Only in this beautiful life,
does heaven meet ground
where the earth meets the sky,
in the infinite horizon of possibility.

Within this beautiful life,
all that is solid melts into air,
matter becoming spirit,
real becoming ideal,
seed becoming flower,
and His becoming Hers.

Only in this grand life of ours,
is line revealed as circle
(path revealed as cycle),
in which the End passes into
a new Beginning.


One Reply to “Beautiful Life”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. ❤
    I wish I was able to produce such magnificent prose as this and others you have posted


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