Of Love, For Love

My love,as sweetness I tasted you,as softness I heard you,as passion I felt you,as suchness I beheld you. Now here I ambut with-out you. where is that sweetness I tasted?where is that softness I heard?where is that passion I felt?where is that suchness I beheld? How could this be,your presence marked by absence,a contradiction in … More Of Love, For Love


There is no essential difference between Ultimate Reality and Conventional Existence; between Emptiness and Appearance; between Being and Becoming; between Universal and Particular; between Feminine and Masculine. While they can be thought independently, in actuality they arise interdependently, with their cooperative interplay creating this fantastical flux that we call life. It is through their union, … More Unity-In-Difference

Beautiful Life

Even in stoic perseverance do mountains erode and cascade into the temporal flux of change… Only in this beautiful life is the ceasing forever ceaseless, is the resting forever restless, by which Being is forever Becoming. Only in this beautiful life does the ceaseless come to cease, does the restless come to rest, from which … More Beautiful Life