Sex and Gender Prapañca, or, the Conceptual Proliferation of Sex and Gender Identities

I think the issue with this tendency in some progressive circles to affirm the proliferation of multitudes of new genders and sexual identities is that: people on the one hand want to liberate themselves from being constrained by limited and oppressive concepts, but attempt to solve the issue in a way that keeps the basic [...]

On the Limits of Panpsychism and Eliminative Materialism

I used to flirt around with the view of "Panpsychism," the general idea that everything that exists has some degree of consciousness in it, which entails that mind is ubiquitous throughout the universe. There are many different versions of Panpsychism, all which in their own way try to explain the relationship between the physical constitution [...]

Science & Religion Beyond Capital & Labor

The forces of science and religion, do not just have the potential to be, but have always-already been, in a constant mutual interaction since the genesis of either concept. In fact, to the extent that the present definition of the one makes absent the present definition of the other, they are known to be mutually [...]

Notes on the Dialectic of Sex and Gender

Sex and Gender are not identical, but neither are they inherently different. To the extent that one exists, so does the other. They are different aspects of the same process in which both are mutually established as reciprocal determinations of each other, in which sex functions as the mode of existence of gender and gender [...]

Our First Laugh is its Last

Capital capitalizing on its own critique may appear to be an invariant feature of its operation (as a process of creatively re-self-constituting itself from the very destruction of its own constitutive ground of possibility, being itself), but the degree to which such a feature is self-conscious is the degree to which it realizes that its [...]