Of Love, For Love

My love,
as sweetness I tasted you,
as softness I heard you,
as passion I felt you,
as suchness I beheld you.

Now here I am
but with-out you.

where is that sweetness I tasted?
where is that softness I heard?
where is that passion I felt?
where is that suchness I beheld?

How could this be,
your presence marked by absence,
a contradiction in terms!

If you are absent when I am present
but present when I am absent in you,
then in absence I shall remain.

For if only in my absence
can you be said to arise,
then I know ultimately,
in some sense,
we must be one and the same.

So sweetness I must be!
So softness I must be!
So passion I must be!
So suchness I must be!

And so love I must be.

A conduit through
to my own beyond,
for you I am
immeasurably grateful.

So it is through all of eternal time,
and within all of boundless space,
that we play our game
of seeking to learn
that you are that
for which you seek,
my love.

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