Two Truths (This and Ours)


This Truth:

Not not-one.

Our Truth:

The ancestrality of you and I

is a revelation of the eternity

that is our living together.

Forever dancing as we go,

there’s been fall at our wake 

yet with opportunity for blooming…

For with sacred coordination,

and through divine elevation,

your moving never ceases to awe.

A prior hesitation

now posterior determination,

even your Contingency

moves as Necessity! 

Paradoxical other, together our

Dramas are unfolding,

Natures are creating,

Powers are destroying,

Love is preserving,

Dear, our life is ascending!

From the Play of our game,

And by the rule of its Law,

we open up Time itself

to make Space

for our World-To-Come.

To this End we go, relentlessly so,

to the final closure which escapes disclosure,

locking us in perpetual revolution.

Becoming the Being that is to Come,

our promise to each other

Never not-done. 


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