Neither Will to Power Nor Thirst for Annihilation

The Bodhisattva’s Bodhicitta — the energy which drives her mind-body vehicle towards perfect awakening — inclusively transcends both Nietzsche’s Will to Power and Nick Land’s Thirst for Annihilation, disclosing them as abstract, partial and one-sided (i.e. open-empty) facets of the total jewel that is her own resplendent nature.

As she progressively and inexorably ascends to higher and higher stages of sublime gnosis, the Bodhisattva unlocks extraordinary powers (including but not exhausted by: extrasensory and extended perception, flight, invisibility, shape shifting, superspeed, and alchemy) as a function of unleashing her core potential. Though she does not principally aim at working towards gaining these incredible capacities, they nonetheless spontaneously arise as ancillary techniques adding to her existing arsenal of skillful means for the liberation of self and other.

As she traverses the royal road to spiritual excellence, the Bodhisattva gradually obliterates all pretensions of self-conceit and egotism, uprooting the frivolous I-making and mine-making tendencies by which deluded subjects hopelessly cling onto delusive objects while fearing their loss. Eliminating all such adventitious accretions upon her unadulterated pristine awareness, she is unburdened and purified. So perfected is her selflessness that she has even pacified all further conceptual elaboration and excogitation — indeed, she has gone beyond mind itself — which are understood to be nothing other than unnecessary excursions from the ceaseless creative potency of her radiant body, which labors tirelessly for the salvation of all others.

Since the Bodhisattva is destined for complete release from dependence upon all worldly and other-worldly goals, she does not need to will forth her powers nor does she thirst for her own annihilation — these are simply fulfilled as the natural, effortless consequences of her ennobled and ennobling conduct. Thereby she has gone, gone, utterly gone, far beyond the horizon of anything Nietzscheans or Landians could ever hope to have imagined, all the while fulfilling dreams they never even knew they had.

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