From Nescience to Omniscience

From nethermost nescience to the apex of omniscience,
each and every mental event is like a magical illusion or virtual hologram:
empty of inherent existence yet clearly present as a luminous appearance.

Since there has never been a real object of grasping
apprehended by a really grasping subject,
each and every mental event is understood to be primordially self-liberated —
originally awakened from the very beginning, right at the spot.

Doing anything is falling under the sway of external objects, and
Resisting doing anything is supporting the I-making conceit.
Realizing that there is no other than is other than oneself
Through the cessation of I, Me and Mine,
There is nothing for one to do
but to bear witness to this play
of the miraculous display of the mind.

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