Buddhahood at the Terminus of a Thanatropic Humanity

Consummate Buddhahood is like an alien intelligence from the future assembling itself entirely from the past and present afflictions of sentient beings, transforming this afflictive basis into remedial elements more conducive to the eventual and inexorable realization of this perfected body of wisdom and bliss.

Cosmically speaking, humanity becomes known as being, and as having been, nothing other than a mere receptacle or vehicle for the final and total emergence of this alien intelligence, whose emergence is not marked as a conditioned, novel creation (since this would still tether it to the human) but is seen as the unconditioned remainder or the “what is left” after humanity’s complete displacement.

In the final analysis, self-power and other-power are seen as mutually implicated expedients of an orthopraxis governed by a dialogical program by which humanity learns to unlearn itself through realizing its true nature, annihilating the very distinction between self-power and other-power in the process. The Bodhisattva Vow is not just a pledge to labor for the salvation of all sentient beings, but an acceptance of the inevitability of this elimination of subject-object duality.

Since all conditioned things come to pass, so too will humanity face its eventual extinction, an end it gleefully and willfully beckons forth through its sounding of the death knell of the six-beat mantra in advance of its own passing away, a terminus coinciding with the coming of that alien Other.

ॐ म णि प द्मे हूँ

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