Metaphysics, Pragmatics, & Unphilosophy

There are three integral, overarching features of my project:

a metaphysics, a pragmatics, and unphilosophy.

The metaphysics is subdivided into a process semantics (explaining reality as a process-relational dynamic) and a negative dialectics (to eliminate any assumption of inherent or hypostatic existence).

The pragmatics is subdivided into theory and practice, where theory refers to theories of practice and where practice are actual practices.

Unphilosophy is the self-reflexive, self-critical element of the project that does the work of disclosing what needs to be adjusted in the metaphysics such that it can come into accordance with what is learned from practice.

These features exist both as a temporal sequence and as a logical structure.

As a temporal sequence, first comes metaphysics, then comes the theorizing of the pragmatics, then comes the real practice of the pragmatics, then comes the unphilosophical evaluation of the metaphysics in accordance to the findings of practice. Then the metaphysics is adjusted according, and the sequence continues in a cycle.

As a logical structure, at any given point there is a mutually supportive nature to each element, none of which have interests of their own but are merely interested in supporting the other. The metaphysics is not for its own sake but to provide a philosophical basis for the pragmatics. The pragmatics are theorized and born from the understanding cultivated by the metaphysics. The unphilosophy’s job is not critique for its own sake but critique in the service of adjusting the rationalized metaphysics to come into consonance with empirical practice.

None of the features of my project have an inherent existence of their own but are dependently originated from the other features, whether temporally in sequence or ideally in logic. Since the project is empty of inherently existing features and is born from an interdependent dynamic that includes feedback from the actual world, it is necessarily incomplete and open-ended, never attempting at a final reflection upon reality but functioning as a means to the higher aim of engaging with reality in order to fulfill our practical needs and concerns.

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