Joy Above Joy and Sorrow

There is no joy above the joy which rejoices in the vanquishing of sorrow, its constitutive other. Joy does not exist contrary to sorrow, but ultimately includes and transcends it as part of its own constitution.

If sorrow were not somehow present alongside joy, then there would be no contrast that could afford joy its intensity of feeling; in fact, we can say that the magnitude of its intensity corresponds to the degree of contrast between itself and its constitutive other.

Joy which knows nothing of sorrow is vacuous; without reference to anything beyond itself considered as a whole, it is empty of any real content, just like how an eye which does not see anything beyond itself still sees nothing because the eye cannot see itself.

Sorrow on the other hand, is merely a privation of joy. It has no existential content of its own, independent of the role it plays in the dependently originating arising of the joy that is bound to overcome it.

Notionally, joy and sorrow mutually depend upon each other for their respective meanings, where each is defined as the negation of the other. Joy is absence of sorrow and sorrow is absence of joy.

But existentially, while sorrow is felt as the lack of joy, the experience of joy includes within itself an element of that very sorrow which it has replaced. This means that while sorrow is existentially dependent upon joy, joy is existentially independent of sorrow because it already includes it as part of its own totality.

Blessed are the suffering,
for theirs is the gift of bliss.

Blessed are the ignorant,
for theirs is the gift of knowledge.

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