On Becoming Real in the Face of Flux

To be real is to be independent, self-grounding, self-sustaining and self-motivated. Yet careful attention to the manifold totality of sense-experience reveals any given thing to be marked by impermanence, incompleteness and indeterminacy. Nothing in experience, whether classed as a cognitive, mental or physical factor, escapes definition by these three marks or traits. Things exist, in [...]

Ascending Truth

There are two ways of understanding truth: as adjective and as verb.We often use "true" as an adjective, whereby we qualify the degree to which a proposition adequately corresponds to a given state of affairs, about which the proposition is giving attention. That a statement is true, in this sense of the word true, indicates [...]

The Material and the Ideal are Mutually Implicated

Critical materialism seems to have an ideal: the real apprehension of existence in terms of causes and conditions, rather than in terms of concepts and ideas. But there's an extent to which some self-professed "materialists" only proceed with their investigations of reality through a kind of fetish for materialism, which makes them ignorant as to [...]

Communism & Nirvana: Two Aspects of the Same Process

It is possible that Communism and Nirvana are different, one-sided aspects of the same process.Communism would be the realization of the middle way between market-anarchy and state-totality. Nirvana would be the realization of the middle way between hedonism and asceticism. Hedonism and market-anarchy are homologous (having the same governing structure) because they are about the [...]