Sleeplessness and Wakefulness under 24/7 Capitalism

I don’t think I’ve ever not been somewhat of a night owl in terms of my sleep schedule. For a long time I’ve been taught to internalize these habits as something inherently wrong with me (lazy, irresponsible, disorganized), or I attribute it to some condition (I was majorly depressed throughout my teenage years, making it … More Sleeplessness and Wakefulness under 24/7 Capitalism

Nirvāṇa/Saṃsāra; Communism/Capitalism

A general strategy that a Madhyamikan (agent of the Middle Way) may employ once they identify a pair of contradictory forces at play, is neither to affirm the possibility of resolving the contradiction through those terms, nor to abandon those terms, but to see how those terms actually compliment each other. This insistence on complementarity … More Nirvāṇa/Saṃsāra; Communism/Capitalism