The Life of Our Movement

Every new generation of Communists must re-create the communist narrative in order to protect the life of this movement from the conservative forces that aim to petrify the revolutionary process through the retention of the old ghosts of past movements. To modify a popular quote of Marx’s:

“The tradition of all dead generations weighs
like a burden on the life of our movement.”

We do not have to apologize for the horrors of the past, because it is not ours.  We have no duty to continue the movements of the past, because it is not ours.

Ours is the continuous process of liberation whose genealogical roots finds itself at the event when consciousness posited the possibility of realizing the ideal by making ideality a reality. To accomplish this, we do not continue nor merely reject the past, but deconstruct it such that the elements we gather may serve their purpose in the building of a new future.


“Always choose life and endlessly assert survival” —Jacques Derrida

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